Cookies policy.

This cookies policy explains the technologies implemented to collect information on the use of Web sites and communications via email. These technologies, used by all Web sites and present in all commercial communications by e-mail sent over the Internet, known as “cookies” and “web beacons”.

What cookies they are, how they are used on our websites, information on third-party cookies and how to change your cookie preferences.

A cookie is a small amount of data that often contains a unique identification code. Cookies can be sent to your browser when you visit one of our websites and are stored in the Web browser of the device.
Some cookies are stored only for the duration of the visit to the website. These cookies are known as session cookies. Others, known as persistent cookies may be stored on your computer even after the visit and viewed via our web sites at each subsequent visit.
Some cookies that are stored when you visit our Web sites can be stored and viewed by other companies. For example:

  • When a button “like” or similar of a social network is displayed in one of our websites, the social network can store and access their cookies to ensure the functionality of the button and for other purposes (for more information, see the regulations Privacy and cookie of the social network in question)<l/i>
  • When we use advertising partners, that partner can store and access their cookies to allow us and the partners, to display advertising on the products and services you have visited on our web sites.<l/i>
We may use cookies to enable you to get the essential services you requested it on our websites. Without these cookies, we may not be able to provide the services you request.
For example, we can use these cookies on our websites for:

  • Manage and remembering the requests that add to cart
  • allow you to access the protected areas of our Web sites without having to login again to the service
  • Remembering actions you performed before (how to complete an online form) when you return to a page in the same session
We may use cookies for the services collect information about how you use our websites, advertising and email communications by reporting when an error occurs. These cookies can be used to collect technical information rather detailed as the last visited website, the number of pages visited, check whether the email communications were opened or not, on which parts of our Web site or e-mail communication It is clicked and the time interval between the click and the next. While this information may be associated with details such as IP address and domain information or the browser, are analyzed only in an aggregated with information from other users in order to not allow direct identification of the individual user.
For example, we can use these cookies on our websites for:

  • To analyze and improve the performance of our web sites, advertising and email communications
  • Manage performance and the design of our Web site
  • Calculate the number of responses to our advertisements to improve its effectiveness
  • Measure the errors on our web sites to improve the service and the management of complaints
We can access the cookies of reference sent to your device from websites of our business partners. These cookies are used to identify when our commercial partner directs a user to our Web sites, and if the visit to that user ends with the purchase of a product or service. This information may be disclosed to our business partners, but only anonymously for not identifying itself.
We use this information to fulfill our contractual obligations with business partners and assist them in improving the effectiveness of their Web sites.
We use functional cookies that are not essential, but trigger several useful features on our websites.
For example, we can use these cookies on our websites for:

  • Remember the preferences you selected on the above Web site, such as country / language, interests and presentation of the Web site (for example, layout, font sizes, colors, etc.)
  • To avoid to communicate again
  • Remember the answers to the questions proposed by our Web sites (eg .: if you have indicated that you do not want to participate in a survey on customer satisfaction, you will not be asked in a follow-up visit)
  • If you detect a service you have already been offered (eg .: offer an online live)
  • Provide information to allow the operation of an optional service (eg .: watch a video online or commenting on a blog)
  • Provide local weather reports or traffic information based on geographic region in which you are (if you agree to share that information)
Cookies for targeted advertising and can be used on our websites to display advertisements and contact with marketing communications more relevant based on your interests. These cookies may collect quite detailed information about your browsing habits on our web sites (eg .: products and services on which you clicked). They can also be used to recognize you when you come to visit one of our websites and / or Web site part of a network of one of our advertising partners.
For example, we can use these cookies on our websites for:

  • Gather information on the products and services you have displayed on the Web stio for the following purposes: Content delivery, advice and advertising more relevant to your profile on the website
  • Personalization and targeting more effective e-mail communications and direct marketing
  • Allow our advertising partners to display advertisements on their websites and / or on websites in their advertising network on the products and services most relevant to you
  • Limit the number of times you see a listing, and measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign

These cookies can be stored and viewed and / or also by our advertising partners.

Your Use our websites can generate storing cookies is not controlled by This can occur when the Web site you are visiting uses analysis tools or management / marketing automation (like those offered by Google and Oracle) or includes content displayed by a third-party website, such as YouTube or Facebook. As a result, you’ll get cookies from these third-party services. could not control the storage of or access to these cookies. For information on these services use cookies, you must consult the Privacy Policy Cookies and the third party.
Web beacons, also known as “single pixel”, “clear gif technology” or “action tags”, can be used on our websites and in communications. This technology tells us which visitors clicked on key elements (such as links or graphics) on a Web page or e-mail. When we ask to send you promotional information or a newsletter, we may use web beacons to track which emails you actually open. We use this information to optimize content, services and communications.
Web beacons usually work with cookies and disabling cookies may be disabled (as explained in the previous section). Some software for e-mail and Web browsers can also be configured to stop the automatic downloading of images. This also prevents the web beacon to function until you choose to download images.
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